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Great Isaiah Scroll, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Project to translate the Bible literally, so that every Hebrew and Greek word is translated the same in every single circumstance. There will be considerable emphasis on the original Hebrew/Greek words and what correct interpretation should be based on their usage throughout the Bible. T he goal is to find an English word choice that will perfectly fit each Hebrew or Greek word's usage every single time it's used in the Bible, so that translation will be uniform and consistent. I am not aware of another translation that translates every Hebrew and Greek word identically every single time without substantial variation.

I am personally using a program called PowerBible CD to see the original text, and will reference the Strong's Greek/Hebrew definitions at Each Greek/Hebrew word translated is to have a link to its related page giving the translation for that word and where it's used elsewhere in the Bible. For an explanation of what makes this translation unique, see Distinctions. For guidelines on contributing, see MediaWiki:Community-corner .

Old Testament[]

Genesis 1 Kings Song of Solomon Jonah
Exodus 2 Kings Isaiah Micah
Leviticus 1 Chronicles Jeremiah Nahum
Numbers 2 Chronicles Lamentations Habakkuk
Deuteronomy Ezra Ezekiel Zephaniah
Joshua Nehemiah Daniel Haggai
Judges Job Hosea Zechariah
Ruth Psalms Joel Malachi
1 Samuel Proverbs Amos
2 Samuel Ecclesiastes Obadiah

New Testament[]

Matthew 2 Corinthians 1 Timothy 2 Peter
Mark Galatians 2 Timothy 1 John
Luke Ephesians Titus 2 John
John Philippians Philemon 3 John
Acts Colossians Hebrews Jude
Romans 1 Thessalonians James Revelation
1 Corinthians 2 Thessalonians 1 Peter

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